List of Works

Magic Shows and Miracles

BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE, title song (play and movie) 1969

GODSPELL, music and new lyrics 1971

MASS, English texts (in collaboration with Leonard Bernstein) 1971

PIPPIN, music and lyrics, 1972

THE MAGIC SHOW, music and lyrics, 1974

THE BAKER’S WIFE, music and lyrics, 1976

THE PERFECT PEACH (children’s book), 1977

WORKING, adaptation, four songs, direction, 1978 (co-directed television
adaptation with Kirk Browning for PBS-TV, “American Playhouse” 1981)

PERSONALS (music, three songs), 1985

CAPTAIN LOUIE (children’s show), music and lyrics, 1986

RAGS, lyrics, 1986

CHILDREN OF EDEN, music and lyrics, 1991

POCAHONTAS, lyrics 1995


RELUCTANT PILGRIM, CD of eleven songs, 1997

THE PRINCE OF EGYPT, music and lyrics, 1998

GEPPETTO, music and lyrics, 2000 (re-named MY SON PINOCCHIO)

UNCHARTED TERRITORY, CD of eleven songs, 2001

WICKED, music and lyrics, 2003

MIT EVENTYR/My Fairy Tale (music and lyrics, 9 songs), 2005

SEANCE ON A WET AFTERNOON music and libretto,  2009