My Fairytale

Original idea & concept by Flemming Enevold
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz with additional songs
by Adam and James Price
Book by Phillip LaZebnik

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Songs by Stephen Schwartz:
Stay With Us (BLI´ HOS HOS)
Your Fellow Traveler (MIN REJSEKAMMERAT)
Stay With Me (BLI´ HOS MIG)
On Wings of a Swan (På Svanevinger)
Come Drown in my Love (Synk Ned i Mit Hav)
Save Us (Red Os)
Can You Imagine That? (DET ER GANSKE VIST)


One of the world’s greatest storytellers, Hans Christian Andersen, takes a magical journey through the world of his own imagination, and in doing so, abandons his ambition to write “serious” adult works and resolves to continue creating fairy tales.

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